Of Time: Part I

by New Spell

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released May 5, 2017



all rights reserved


New Spell San Francisco, California

Dark indie pop with female vocals, this SF Bay Area project creates dynamic, cerebral music. The unifying force behind New Spell's sound is songwriter
Leanne Kelly's wandering vocals and keyboard-centric songwriting. Drums and synth bass embellish compelling layers of sound in a uniquely captivating style.
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Track Name: Rain
This fog, it is insane.
The greens and the grays,
just like when I fell in love with the place.
The sun, it is shining.
The sin, it is great,
so we pray for rain.

How could we ever be so mean to the land that feeds?
How far we’ve come, and just to see this great folly.
Now that we’re in too deep to see, what does it mean?

Wrapped in plastic
from the outside to in,
I don’t even know where to begin.
Is this the ending
or where it begins?
So. There it is.
Track Name: The Space Between
I had a dream, it was the last time I saw you.
You were laughing, you were happy, it was spring.
There we were, it was like nothing ever happened.
The past was gone, no future wrong, and time had stopped.

Why must we leave this moment
and the space between the memories and what was lost?
Why must we leave this moment
and the space between what coulda been and what we want?

I won’t forget the words that were spoken,
and how in moments with you, we were the only ones.
Is this a trick? Is someone fooling with me?
I can’t believe that when I open my eyes you’ll still be gone.
Track Name: Never Change
This feels so significant,
this moment of mind.
I feel so significant,
in this moment of time.

What or will it matter in
one year or in ten
through the eye of accidents
about to begin?

But what will you take away from me, Time, what will you leave?
And what of this will remain the same, Time?
Please never change while you change.

Now is just a longer then —
the break of dawn at home,
you were counting all your luck
and I was on the phone.

In the cars speeding by
I can hear the sea.
In the quiet of the night,
it is calling me.
Track Name: Familiar Tune
It's a familiar tune:
a jealous man in me, in you.
So far away from home.
It's where I go, it's what I know.
A shadow taking hold.
This bitterness, I fear it grows.
There there, now, where to?
Let’s watch and wait and try and do.

I take my time, sit and smile
for a while, a child.

It’s a familiar tune:
the way you laugh so I love you.
So far away from home.
And so it goes, and so I roam.
The shadow takes hold.
And from the dark, the truth grows.
So now, a song to sing.
A simple tune, an offering.

I take my time, sit and smile
for a while. All the while,
the world’s gone wild
as I grow tired,
a child.